• What is the service fee? The service fee is a monthly payment of 3% of the value of the hire of the property. The fee includes the management of the property and booking process, including the handling of maintenance issues and the final cleaning of the property upon departure.


  • Who will greet me when I arrive to the property?
  • What time can I check in? Our official check-in time is from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Before you arrive to the city or town you’ll be staying in, we ask that you let us know your estimated arrival time. We ask that all guests call our office to check in once they arrive to the city or town where they will be staying in order to coordinate a specific check-in time as our agents have to meet and check in other guests to their homes. For this reason, we need to agree upon an approximate check-in time that works for all parties.
    • Arrival to a property after 9:00 pm will incur an additional charge of 30€ that guests are required to pay in cash directly to the person who is carrying out the check-in at the time of arrival.
    • As a general rule, check-ins after midnight are not allowed. If you will be arriving to the property after this time, please enquire whether it will be possible for us to meet you before you make your booking online. In any case, check-ins after midnight will incur an additional charge of 50€ that guests are required to pay in cash directly to the person who is carrying out the check-in at the time of arrival.
  • What documents will I be required to sign upon arrival? When you arrive to the property you will need to sign 2 documents:
    • The booking contract
    • The traveller report (for which you will need to have your ID card or passport on hand to complete)
  • Will there be food in the property when I arrive? In all of our homes we supply a small welcome basket with coffee, tea bags, cookies, fresh fruit and water so you can start enjoying your stay from the moment you arrive.

If you would like us to do a food shop for you before you arrive we would be more than happy to arrange that service for you. All you need to do is get in touch with us to coordinate and we’ll let you know the additional charge for this service.

  • Will there be a hairdryer available? Yes, all of our homes have at least one hairdryer for the use of our guests.
  • Are guests allowed to throw parties? All parties are strictly prohibited, along with loud music, at any time of day as well as any other kind of behaviour or activity that might be bothersome to other neighbours. In fact, guests are required to strictly follow the rules that govern all neighbours of the community where they are staying.

All guests are expected to act in a responsible, polite and respectful manner towards the property, belongings and furnishings therein as well as towards the company´s staff that may attend to them. Therefore, if guests do not behave in an adequately responsible or respectful way to the property or company staff, Homely Home reserves the right to evict them from the premises.


  • Who will come to do the check-out? It is not necessary to do the check-out in person. This is to facilitate a more simple and comfortable departure for our guests. We only ask that, upon departure, you remove the rubbish, switch off all electronic devices and leave the keys on the kitchen counter or dining room table. And lastly, please make sure that the front door is completely closed when you leave the property for the last time.
  • The latest check-out time for all our homes is 11:00 am as the cleaning staff will arrive at that time to begin cleaning the property. Under certain circumstances a later check-out time can be requested, however, this should be discussed with the staff member that greets you upon your arrival.
  • Properties

  • Can I request a cot or highchair? Of course, either of these items can be requested by contacting Homely Home directly. All of the requested items will be in the property the day you arrive.
  • Does the property include free Wi-Fi? Yes, all of our homes include a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.
  • Is there a coffee machine in the property? Yes, all of our homes include a coffee machine that operates using either capsules or filters.
  • Can I request additional cleaning services for my property? Of course! Even though you are staying in a home, we also offer you all the comforts that come with staying in a hotel, which might include a professional cleaning service by our in-house cleaning team.

Additional cleaning services can be quickly and simply organised upon request. If you would like our team to clean your property during your stay, please call our lovely bookings team and it will be their pleasure to schedule a cleaning for you. Please keep in mind that the minimum service charge is for 2 hours of cleaning at a cost of 14€ per hour. We also offer an ironing service (which would be included in the price of the cleaning booking).

  • ¿Cuántos juegos de llaves del apartamento tendré? En el registro de entrada, te daremos en mano 2 juegos de llaves del apartamento. How many sets of keys for the property will I have? During the arrival registration process, we will hand over 2 sets of keys.